Kyrgyz Republic


The Kyrgyz Republic’s economic situation has become increasingly dire as the pandemic has slowed or stopped most revenue sources. Emergency financial aid has been dispatched to help the government free up resources to be able to support critical health services, stabilize their economy, as well as promote digitalization to improve access to resources for rural communities.


  • 2019 GDP annual growth rate*: 4.5%
  • Projected 2020 GDP*: -12%
  • Projected 2020 inflation*: 8%
  • Rural population distribution**: 63.1%
  • Poverty rate**: 32.1%


*As of 12/10/2020

  • Total confirmed cases: 75,395
  • Total deaths: 1,297
  • New cases in the last week: 2,217

Source: Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center


  • Total population***: 6,456,900
  • Age distribution**: Mostly young
  • Gender ratio**: 0.96 male/female
  • Mortality rate***: 6.3/1,000 persons
  • Official language**: Kyrgyz
  • # of ethnolinguistic groups**: 5+


  • Reached the final phase of the process (i.e., production) with a focus on the production of community face coverings
  • Began conversations between manufacturers and potential donors and secured some financing

* Source: International Monetary Fund

** Source: CIA Factbook

*** Source: World Bank